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Man’s Best Friend


It is time for Green Doggie Bags finest. Our love of animals companions and taking them great treats as we enjoy them as our own loyal treat to life.

To adopt a new best friend or should my first ever be a rescue. Which ever way is chosen I’ll know it felt right and I’m looking to train and be knowledgeable of reading the signals of my and other dogs.

I never knew what is was like to have pets you could pet as a child. The closest I learned to take care of was fish and that was all to be tolerated as my mother was not one for indoor pet smell to say the least. She didn’t want to give anymore love up. Twenty 25 years later and now I have broke the natural jump if an unchained dog is giving me that I am ready to chase you stare. Does it want to bite me or is it playing?

As I walk the earth man wants to understand nature apart of that to me is having pets. Dog whisperer is an interesting accomplishment to look to but I’ll stick with the basics of why dog are great for us.

I mean let’s face it the ancient Egyptians were buried with their dogs. Our affection traces back long. The Dogs are descendants of gray wolf. Ever imagine a taking that wolf from the mountains home with you if just didn’t have to be so worried about the fangs? Of course you have it is only natural.

Let’s think back and imagine a natural love so strong that some think humans domesticated dogs for us, but it is suggested that dogs were smart enough to notice the love we possibly would share to get out of hardship and into a HVAC heated home. We do know now that we mutually benefit each other with the bond.



We wouldn’t allow this dog to continue searching for the meal in here long these days. So I believe they were smart enough to show us their domestication through knowing our emotional pulls. I can see that gray wolf going getting tummy rubbed for the first moment and instantly evolving from the initial touch. Who else could do it like that besides our connection.

What does a dog do for us and where do we benefit with them in our personal lives? 

So what we take on the enhanced budget of making sure our dogs stay healthy let alone the carpet cleaning  we should be keeping the carpet fresh on a scheduled basis as well. The life long benefits the dog will provide to our hearts will carry and propel day to day.

Did you know a dog can increase the mood you have. Our brain releases dopamine and serotonin when we engage in playing with your puppy. This is the ultimate peace and tranquility we are searching for when stress levels are high. Surprisingly it’s relaxing for both of you.

High blood pressure? Get a dog and you may end up lowering just from the connection of relaxing, spending bonding time, and speaking to your dog. Naturally having a dog can encourage and inspire healthy routines and physical fitness and wellness. You already have to go for a couple walks per day so you mine as well get some productivity and boost healthy habits. If and when there ever was an injury, just because you have a dog your a statistic to recover faster than a human without.

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Descartes and God’s Existence

An Argument for Descartes’ Philosophy on the Existence of a God

Take this home in your doggie bag do you believe in God thats what a recent carpet installation Atlanta questioned me with post our meeting.

The mediations from Descartes bring speculation of Deity and the existence of a god. The questioning process starts with him asking himself; if there is a god could it have created us to be opened minded and able to be deceived. With this thought of deception, Descartes contemplates whether or not Deity has made a human through goodness. Since the idea of a Being so powerful has been in his mind even when he has removed other’s opinions and beliefs from his own mind, he himself knows that there is some reason behind no erase of memory. For example, squares having 4 sides and simple mathematical problems like two plus two, how could this be a believed truth? When thinking of sciences of Astronomy, Medicine, and Physics it is said that there is a reason for doubt and speculation behind studies. But, sciences like Arithmetic and Geometry are simple and general and have a distinct meaning of existence. They can be proven without a doubt to be considered true.

Descartes mentions dreams. While dreaming, the actions of your body and actual body itself, is an illusion. Even though we know we have a body, hands and arms, we don’t see them in our dreams in their entirety. It has to be true that the vision we are seeing in a dream has to come from something from reality or the likeness of realities. These images are existent somewhere and somehow throughout our reality. Artists, and painters alike, take shapes, colors, figures, objects, and/or anything with real existence and form them into their works of art, which is distorted yet enhanced by imagination and mind. Descartes then ends his dream theory by saying even though the square has four sides, and two plus three is five is blatantly apparent one can still assume it as not true.

Combining Descartes’ Meditations on dreams with his thoughts of actual facts of existence, he forms that if in there is an ongoing possession in the mind that a  God who is most powerful to create him as human being, and others, how could this God make him to perceive actual things to not be true. Some people would rather die than believe that there is a God who wants us to question certainty. Descartes waits to disagree with this opinion. He then speaks as if all his explanations about a God were true. And if he had reached his existence and it were real that he would keep getting deceived more and more, even when the source of whatever he questions starts to subside.

All his reasons left no reply. Since there is no past belief of truth that is not doubted, he still cannot come to the decision of any certainty because the opinions he has created himself could obviously be false. To keep these observations in his mind, he will have to care about them. The thoughts and ideas of everything he has considered both old and current will “pop” into his head whether he wants it to or not. But while they do still enter his train of thought he will not forget to dodge yet accept to find a doubtful truth. He has shown them to be highly probable. He cannot trust himself, or trust the thoughts of others so therefore he has convinced himself that he can’t be doing anything wrong just because he has opposite judgment. Descartes realizes he deceives himself when he’s thinking all the created opinions are false and imaginary.  When he develops grasp on his Meditations and has enough control to balance his new over his old prejudgments he then won’t be convinced one way or the other. He doesn’t believe he will be in danger, or even remotely doing anything wrong for that matter, so the end of life becomes something he is not looking for just rather knows exists.

In proving the existence of God, Descartes comes to the realization that he is not deceiving himself or that a Deity could be deceiving him, but a demon, whose job is one of deception. All earthly surroundings and external things are illusions of dreams that this God has put in place to be believed to be true. He considers his non existence true, and will remain to keep his beliefs in this direction until he reaches the point of truth against his will. But, if and when he reaches this point he will do whatever he can to prohibit judgment, and stand up to this deceiver whatever the power it holds. The fight is a tough one for him to handle, but brings him back to his regular life in time which makes him never want to awake from dreams. Agreeing with the illusions and stretching the dream to make it last and ultimately keeping his original beliefs. A fear of waking up is attained.  Using the effort needed to end resting time and bring any light of day is not worth it. At the same time as you are coming to wake you bring the darkness that has now been brought up. Descartes is successful in proving that God, demons, and end of life exists, but he would rather live in his dreams to stay away from the constant worry.

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Concept and Patience


Remember the Raleigh dentist, he helped form this concept. Our Concept is created now. You have slowed the constant mind and caught a thought. Now what to do with it?

Do you immediately let off the first shot heard round your world outdoor life? Or spend time crafting this concept using meditative practices to prepare for a perspective not initially even grasped?

So little options with so little time and many more thoughts to continue. A Practiced patience is needed to go on to initiating an idea. (Now you see why we used a dentist Raleigh NC practice to describe years of success). Original or influenced. Inspiration is done all through energy we embody.

The bow is quiet in your gather and approach when equipped as our inner workings. We are the tool that propels the voice. The idea needs to be strung diligently and dedicating the desire behind that the idea needs to demonstrate premeditated direction and a steady eye, grip, and center of attention. Wisdom is earned throughout all this over time. When we think of those in popular our stories who carried a bow or were using archery, there is a frustration you can easily form between your eyebrows during the early stages of learning to be a legend of your craft. We release this breath and steady once again. Each repetition represents how far I am willing to hike and climb throughout this rough.


The hand has become callused but, much more useful than an extraneous nuisance. My difficulty adapting and progressing has been documented and I can experience fully what it means to update and become trained. Much more cunning than the original thought of mine and most others thoughts. Remember each extend of the arm and raise of chin made a difference in where you sculpted your stance this day and age. The fate within our scenario aligns with the moment mass relativity can naturally sync with our life outdoors.  The Activity has been constant way before we were a thought but, recognizing what we can claim among us which should ultimately be used to empower not overwhelm.

Your first thought you had to slow down to believe now you shaped your idea into the right trajectory. Can you prepare the long shot knowing a crowd is watching, when no one witnessed the moment you began to aim at your first target?

A continued focused effort. Practiced in thought and trained in listening to its silence. But listening to something much deeper than what someone outside of your calm steadied head hears, that can sound close enough to chase. Go deeper and search for the previous knowledge you heard and how to harness your brain’s work. We all can reach this practiced patience if you enjoy the feeling.

We know you do because its our natural life to feel it. A breath is needed so much so that we can’t taste life and a thought without it. Why continue to pretend it doesn’t center our whole existence? Why not practice every day and teach in schools worldwide the inner workings of calming our spirited rages and continuous breathing state. Professionals know the importance of this just ask the same Electrician Atlanta we heard from here. We have learned how to control it naturally without any formal training that we have to graduate from, or be certified to move on to higher learning of breathing. We should deserve this for ourselves don’t you think? We know exactly how to execute our rage. Some say they aren’t in that control and have trouble gauging and even staying at a low simmer. Why don’t we want to work toward the relaxed centered and balanced mind state?

If you are fortunate and blessed enough to have the practiced consistently overtime we refer to as a productive and caring child development childhood. It must be that we sync up our precision with breathing too. We have accomplished much, but still all of us can’t master this. We have the ability and we can make up the difference but we have to start now. It is not changing who you are it’s updating and producing, developing. We are always logged in if we have life. Can’t we tap in to utilize this activation resource we naturally developed all our life. Calm down as a kid, time out, hush baby, we initially want to shoot for our own stance and idea we had which was not to stray away from our beloved anger. We had to learn how to feel better in a way. This was knowledge to us and when we don’t hear the call of nature and silence within our own cry and outward connection attempt, to something it may not be the one around the shout to hear within miles. But, they are looking to feel and for someone to feel them. The scream or outward anger is never something needed to survive. Harnessing this passion and energy we have stored in us day to day. Sometimes transitioned to madness when we choose not to adhere and check ourselves. Some of us habitually throughout time have it embedded into our mentality. Think how easy it is to breathe and start with that. Slowing your heartbeat when needed and even when you look to expend great amounts of your energy and fully grasp your adrenaline for the greater good you still know how to workout from previous repetition of checking your pulse to catch your breath and get right back to expending. It centers our life yet we neglect it like us as kids and say “no I don’t wanna calm my self down leave me alone blah.”

Lets live healthier because we know what it means to feel calm. We can worry about feeling pessimistic because of our new constant calm before the storm mindset later. I want to get used to this feeling, I feel like I can be productive and direct my stored energy now and prepare the shot. For anything.

Alvin Ailey Dance Company

Remember the journey to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center I shared here the same. Yes, very contemporary approach with the limo service Atlanta chauffeur to and from the center.  It is time to utilize the same luxury to match when Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater showcases this February at the Fox during the tour. This maybe such an uplifting moment I may need a bigger party to join me and allow the party bus Atlanta to set the stage for the evening. You must act on the feeling to live completely in this spiritual uplifting his show can provide to the thing within your skin. Any limo rental Atlanta has could contain and accomplish the same transport but a contemporary luxurious why not is in order.

A experience like this must be witnessed. If you truly enjoy art and entertainment then this will take date night activities to a new level. Alvin Ailey Dance Theater returns February 10-14 and sure to lift you to your feet. You got the best dancers around the world all on one stage. You get to watch history unfold as well as flashes from the present. The theater delves into some of his old work mixing with new concepts for our viewing pleasure. The long running African American dance theater still captivates audiences with electrifying moments and mesmerizing masterpieces. Alvin Ailey is a big believer in showing you through your steps on stage as a performer. The talent level of the act is unmatched with timeless inspiration. The way as we watch as the audience things fall into place can captivate our every breath watching the performance. Founded in 1958 and to this day still giving the art and entertainment world the experience of a lifetime. Just know when you buy tickets and sit in to enjoy this experience your eyes behold the vision of a cultural ambassador to the world.

Breathing Life Outdoors

In the spirit of our last post which was a metaphorical hint for what was to come, we explore the outdoors this fall. Recently, I was introduced and invited to the northern Georgia area for a weekend of game. The great outdoors is such an experience and usually not into hunting I became fascinated with the recurve bow for sport and trophy hunting. The weekend before a tree removal Marietta GA would be working on clearing space for new commercial property we actually could enjoy the ambiance before it was gone.

The world of hunting has been hyped for the past yeas highlighting well diversified bows, such as modern crossbow and compound hunting bows. With that said, it is quite a surprise that there are still many dedicated archers who prefer to use recurve bows. If you’re looking for the bets outdoor recurve bow, it’s a good thing that you have landed on this page. Because a Marietta Tree Service had the area tagged the grounds were off limits as we later learned but we weren’t actually looking to hunt and kill just shoot targets and trees in the land. The same tree service Marietta Ga that was clearing land found out about our intrusion of nature so to speak and decided to come check out our actions. Not only were they interested in sharing our fun but also shared bow and hiking interest and gave us some basic information of what we needed to know.  Continue reading

Love Me Long Time

I know you can’t. Its not in naturally possible for you to so much. But, I make it up for you. I look forward to making up this love that you lack to expose with consistency forever. It is not possible. One day. Someday. Today, Yesterday, whenever you want you exist to make me wither. Ultimately, I can allow this graciously or not. It will happen. But when this world consumes you which it will let the intake be like nourishment to the existence. You have to allow you it your strength. Each moment allowed to breathe is your moment to enhance your spiritual weight the ground scales surrounding us. A space surrounding that. A fear surrounding that. A truth we live to feel to open your eyes to smiles and love warmth hit our face. We have to love this earth knowing it can’t care about us. We can’t fight this struggle. We embrace its love bond to be created among us but, still hasn’t shaped our being consensus. When will we all be on the same page to love to love and work for it understanding nothing about our earth is to love us as we should forever. Everything eventually wilts, smothers to core. Carries into and sometimes on with the wind. We view this as our beauty. The place where love is culminated. This is the only element that is forever. How we touch one another and it is outwardly apparent to our neglect our earth as it does us, with no thought to love for the us  and forever love. This is our fairy tale. We don’t want to believe it can exist. We fear this love me long time perfection. It wouldn’t work for us. The sun doesn’t move yet we think it pops into our sky but we orbit around the same space. It doesn’t take sedation from a dentist dental implants Raleigh NC work to sit back and notice simple beauty in a butterfly when on the laughing gas. It takes that to actually not care what the outsider would say when I want to notice and love such beauty of earth and life. The recognition is instilled far deeper than any sedated stated could bring to the surface. Love must exists and appreciation continuously flow here. World continues to turn as far as we come to know. Art Imitates Life and or vice versa. The important thing to gather is the knowledge to love and why it should seem natural to do so, sometimes it has been shown and proven that masses of us must learn. We can’t swallow this yet?



The Beginning

Common Core State Standards are set up so that students are prepared for success. These guidelines were created by teachers to allow them to develop critical-thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. There are universal, clear and consistent in letting individuals know what is needed to be known in math and English from kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade. I spoke with a personal mentor who is a dentist Pittsburgh and who had to receive the higher education to get where he was today. He informed me of his beginning and said he came from a hard working mother and father who never exceeded a 5th grade  formal education path. The Common Core Standards provide important tools to encourage parental involvement and allows teachers to measure student progress during the school year. These standard are beneficial because they allow all learning to take place on a level playing field, ensuring that all children are prepared for the world.  Forty-three states have adopted these standards and utilize them. States who have not yet joined this effort are at a disadvantage because they have no direction within their educational system. Without standards in place, states are creating discrepancy and grey areas as to what a child is supposed to be and needing to learn in order to be successful. “The standards are designed to build upon the most advanced current thinking about preparing all students for success in college and their careers” (CCSSO 2010). Not utilizing these standards will created more students unprepared for college level or entry level careers. This in turn will create more poverty within states because of the inability to find jobs because of the lack of knowledge and preparedness. Continue reading

The Values & Morals of Character Role Models in the Movies

The Values & Morals of Character Role Models in the Movies

Lets explore some much needed positive role models for us to experience and learn from in the films we call our favorites. I had the pleasure of upgrading my home movie theater with a licensed Electrician Marietta, who did an outstanding job in a fairly short amount of time for my screening purposes and preferences. Needless to say I was highly impressed, which was in turn able to enhance my viewing experience of this highly inspirational film.

Coach Carter is a great movie based on the true story of Ken Carter. In this movie, Carter goes back in the past by getting the chance to coach at his high school alma mater. He not only brought greatness back into the program but respect, teamwork, hard work, integrity and accountability. He was not only creating ball players but training young men built for the future. He states his expectations and makes them clear by having the players sign a contract to abide by them.
One dilemma that Coach Carter faced in the movie was getting his team to realize the importance of education and preparing for the future. At this point in the movie the team had begun to come together, work cohesively as a unit, win games and be respected as a real team. Everything seemed to be falling into place except their academics. There were players that were doing poorly in their classes, breaching their initial contract. Because of this breach and the principle that they were a team and they suffered together, Coach Carter canceled games for the rest of the season and locked the gym until the grades were brought up. For this decision he was ridiculed by parents, administration, students and players but in spite of it all he stood by his beliefs and stuck to his moral obligation to not only coach but to be an example that taught those young men responsibility, community/teamwork, accountability, respect and determination. He believed in this so much that he was willing to quit his job because of the lack of support he got from the school board by opening the gym. Knowing the values he had instilled from the beginning, the players came together as one and not only brought up their grades but made evident lifestyle changes that were because of Coach Carter’s guidance and presence. Continue reading

Education and Philosophies

What is Most Important to You about Sex?

Sex is a vital part in every romantic relationship between two people, but many times people take this act for granted. Many people believe that sex is for one person and not for the couple involved in the action; this, in my opinion, is severely wrong. Today, the act of sex has become immensely selfish; each person is in it for themselves and works to find their pleasure before the other can reach their climax. I find that the most important thing about sex for me is the idea of reciprocity and the relationship between giving and receiving pleasures. Without the partner in a sexual act, there would be no act in the first place; so why do so many people believe that it is right to take pleasure and not bestow pleasure? It all comes down to the idea of keeping oneself happy.

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Our Age

The information age is the generation I live in and I recognize the opportunity in an Information Technology career. I have always been connected to a computer since grade school, and also been the call for help when problems with technology arise in my family circle. Information Technology has so many avenues to pursue today and I’m interested in many like Software development engineering. I also recognize the technological advances of music and the information technology you must be aware of to produce digital music from your own laptop anywhere you go and create incredible sounds. Music is also a passion of mine and I intend to produce and gain knowledge from the Information Technology. Information Technology is the study or use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. Computer is defined as an electronic device for storing and processing data.

The first programmable computer was designed and invented from 1936 to 1938 by Konrad Zuse named the Zuse 1. The first commercial digital computer was the Z4 designed by Zuse in 1944. Five input devices are the keyboard, mouse, digital camera, scanners, and joysticks. Five output devices are the computer monitor is a device that displays signals on a computer screen. printer, speakers, projector, and radio.

Windows 7 was produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers designed to work with Vista- compatible applications and hardware. Unix is a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system. Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface based operating systems developed by Apple for the Macintosh computer systems line. Singularity was an experimental operating system built by Microsoft Research. Tron is a real time operating system started by Professor Dr. Ken Sakamura of the University of Tokyo 1984.

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