Our Age

The information age is the generation I live in and I recognize the opportunity in an Information Technology career. I have always been connected to a computer since grade school, and also been the call for help when problems with technology arise in my family circle. Information Technology has so many avenues to pursue today and I’m interested in many like Software development engineering. I also recognize the technological advances of music and the information technology you must be aware of to produce digital music from your own laptop anywhere you go and create incredible sounds. Music is also a passion of mine and I intend to produce and gain knowledge from the Information Technology. Information Technology is the study or use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. Computer is defined as an electronic device for storing and processing data.

The first programmable computer was designed and invented from 1936 to 1938 by Konrad Zuse named the Zuse 1. The first commercial digital computer was the Z4 designed by Zuse in 1944. Five input devices are the keyboard, mouse, digital camera, scanners, and joysticks. Five output devices are the computer monitor is a device that displays signals on a computer screen. printer, speakers, projector, and radio.

Windows 7 was produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers designed to work with Vista- compatible applications and hardware. Unix is a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system. Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface based operating systems developed by Apple for the Macintosh computer systems line. Singularity was an experimental operating system built by Microsoft Research. Tron is a real time operating system started by Professor Dr. Ken Sakamura of the University of Tokyo 1984.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer of the personal computer revolution transforming industries computer and smartphones to music and movies. He was one of the first to see potential in Xerox PARCs mouse driven graphical user interface. Steve Wozniak designed Apple one and Apple two computers. These computers contributed to the microcomputer revolution. Arpanet was the first attempt at creating communication between networks internationally known as the internet.

Google has developed Google Glass which is like a hands free smartphone. Google Glass was released in February of 2014 for consumers. Currently there is no competitor for this groundbreaking technological advancement. Sony has begun its efforts to be a part of that competition and released a prototype at the Wearable DevCon Conference in San Francisco.

Here at DevCon Sony was trying to stir up interest among developers. The Japanese company will need the developers to build applications for their device SmartEyeGlasses. The frames are able to display information instantly in front of a user’s eyes just like Google Glass, but have a normal pair of eye glasses look rather than Google’s prism display. The Smart Eye Glasses also display their information in green over a pair of see through lenses. A capability this new prototype demonstrated at the conference was when the user walked inside an airport the directions to the check-in desk appear in the glasses’ sight. Other potential uses are sending and receiving text messages, being notified of a missed call, and displaying the latest scores and players’ names while watching a football game. The binocular type display makes the text look farther away and more comfortable to read. It also has sensors that a smartphone has like a compass, and an embedded microphone and camera. The device is currently still only a prototype and is not yet as advanced as the Google Glass since it’s operated by a separate wired controller with a touch pad that has navigation, power and camera buttons. Sony has said they are still working on a software developer kit. The glasses currently work with an Android phone. The applications for the glasses run on the phone, and interact with the phone through Wi Fi and Bluetooth.

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