Love Me Long Time

I know you can’t. Its not in naturally possible for you to so much. But, I make it up for you. I look forward to making up this love that you lack to expose with consistency forever. It is not possible. One day. Someday. Today, Yesterday, whenever you want you exist to make me wither. Ultimately, I can allow this graciously or not. It will happen. But when this world consumes you which it will let the intake be like nourishment to the existence. You have to allow you it your strength. Each moment allowed to breathe is your moment to enhance your spiritual weight the ground scales surrounding us. A space surrounding that. A fear surrounding that. A truth we live to feel to open your eyes to smiles and love warmth hit our face. We have to love this earth knowing it can’t care about us. We can’t fight this struggle. We embrace its love bond to be created among us but, still hasn’t shaped our being consensus. When will we all be on the same page to love to love and work for it understanding nothing about our earth is to love us as we should forever. Everything eventually wilts, smothers to core. Carries into and sometimes on with the wind. We view this as our beauty. The place where love is culminated. This is the only element that is forever. How we touch one another and it is outwardly apparent to our neglect our earth as it does us, with no thought to love for the us  and forever love. This is our fairy tale. We don’t want to believe it can exist. We fear this love me long time perfection. It wouldn’t work for us. The sun doesn’t move yet we think it pops into our sky but we orbit around the same space. It doesn’t take sedation from a dentist dental implants Raleigh NC work to sit back and notice simple beauty in a butterfly when on the laughing gas. It takes that to actually not care what the outsider would say when I want to notice and love such beauty of earth and life. The recognition is instilled far deeper than any sedated stated could bring to the surface. Love must exists and appreciation continuously flow here. World continues to turn as far as we come to know. Art Imitates Life and or vice versa. The important thing to gather is the knowledge to love and why it should seem natural to do so, sometimes it has been shown and proven that masses of us must learn. We can’t swallow this yet?