Concept and Patience


Remember the Raleigh dentist, he helped form this concept. Our Concept is created now. You have slowed the constant mind and caught a thought. Now what to do with it?

Do you immediately let off the first shot heard round your world outdoor life? Or spend time crafting this concept using meditative practices to prepare for a perspective not initially even grasped?

So little options with so little time and many more thoughts to continue. A Practiced patience is needed to go on to initiating an idea. (Now you see why we used a dentist Raleigh NC practice to describe years of success). Original or influenced. Inspiration is done all through energy we embody.

The bow is quiet in your gather and approach when equipped as our inner workings. We are the tool that propels the voice. The idea needs to be strung diligently and dedicating the desire behind that the idea needs to demonstrate premeditated direction and a steady eye, grip, and center of attention. Wisdom is earned throughout all this over time. When we think of those in popular our stories who carried a bow or were using archery, there is a frustration you can easily form between your eyebrows during the early stages of learning to be a legend of your craft. We release this breath and steady once again. Each repetition represents how far I am willing to hike and climb throughout this rough.


The hand has become callused but, much more useful than an extraneous nuisance. My difficulty adapting and progressing has been documented and I can experience fully what it means to update and become trained. Much more cunning than the original thought of mine and most others thoughts. Remember each extend of the arm and raise of chin made a difference in where you sculpted your stance this day and age. The fate within our scenario aligns with the moment mass relativity can naturally sync with our life outdoors.  The Activity has been constant way before we were a thought but, recognizing what we can claim among us which should ultimately be used to empower not overwhelm.

Your first thought you had to slow down to believe now you shaped your idea into the right trajectory. Can you prepare the long shot knowing a crowd is watching, when no one witnessed the moment you began to aim at your first target?

A continued focused effort. Practiced in thought and trained in listening to its silence. But listening to something much deeper than what someone outside of your calm steadied head hears, that can sound close enough to chase. Go deeper and search for the previous knowledge you heard and how to harness your brain’s work. We all can reach this practiced patience if you enjoy the feeling.

We know you do because its our natural life to feel it. A breath is needed so much so that we can’t taste life and a thought without it. Why continue to pretend it doesn’t center our whole existence? Why not practice every day and teach in schools worldwide the inner workings of calming our spirited rages and continuous breathing state. Professionals know the importance of this just ask the same Electrician Atlanta we heard from here. We have learned how to control it naturally without any formal training that we have to graduate from, or be certified to move on to higher learning of breathing. We should deserve this for ourselves don’t you think? We know exactly how to execute our rage. Some say they aren’t in that control and have trouble gauging and even staying at a low simmer. Why don’t we want to work toward the relaxed centered and balanced mind state?

If you are fortunate and blessed enough to have the practiced consistently overtime we refer to as a productive and caring child development childhood. It must be that we sync up our precision with breathing too. We have accomplished much, but still all of us can’t master this. We have the ability and we can make up the difference but we have to start now. It is not changing who you are it’s updating and producing, developing. We are always logged in if we have life. Can’t we tap in to utilize this activation resource we naturally developed all our life. Calm down as a kid, time out, hush baby, we initially want to shoot for our own stance and idea we had which was not to stray away from our beloved anger. We had to learn how to feel better in a way. This was knowledge to us and when we don’t hear the call of nature and silence within our own cry and outward connection attempt, to something it may not be the one around the shout to hear within miles. But, they are looking to feel and for someone to feel them. The scream or outward anger is never something needed to survive. Harnessing this passion and energy we have stored in us day to day. Sometimes transitioned to madness when we choose not to adhere and check ourselves. Some of us habitually throughout time have it embedded into our mentality. Think how easy it is to breathe and start with that. Slowing your heartbeat when needed and even when you look to expend great amounts of your energy and fully grasp your adrenaline for the greater good you still know how to workout from previous repetition of checking your pulse to catch your breath and get right back to expending. It centers our life yet we neglect it like us as kids and say “no I don’t wanna calm my self down leave me alone blah.”

Lets live healthier because we know what it means to feel calm. We can worry about feeling pessimistic because of our new constant calm before the storm mindset later. I want to get used to this feeling, I feel like I can be productive and direct my stored energy now and prepare the shot. For anything.