Monthly Archives: November 2015

Breathing Life Outdoors

In the spirit of our last post which was a metaphorical hint for what was to come, we explore the outdoors this fall. Recently, I was introduced and invited to the northern Georgia area for a weekend of game. The great outdoors is such an experience and usually not into hunting I became fascinated with the recurve bow for sport and trophy hunting. The weekend before a tree removal Marietta GA would be working on clearing space for new commercial property we actually could enjoy the ambiance before it was gone.

The world of hunting has been hyped for the past yeas highlighting well diversified bows, such as modern crossbow and compound hunting bows. With that said, it is quite a surprise that there are still many dedicated archers who prefer to use recurve bows. If you’re looking for the bets outdoor recurve bow, it’s a good thing that you have landed on this page. Because a Marietta Tree Service had the area tagged the grounds were off limits as we later learned but we weren’t actually looking to hunt and kill just shoot targets and trees in the land. The same tree service Marietta Ga that was clearing land found out about our intrusion of nature so to speak and decided to come check out our actions. Not only were they interested in sharing our fun but also shared bow and hiking interest and gave us some basic information of what we needed to know.  Continue reading