Contemporary Art Center

First stop, first post lets take an Atlanta limo service to set the precedence of being chauffeured through luxurious artistry throughout this blog. As I first walk into the door of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, realized it was my first experience into a small yet spacious art facility that held local artist’s work. I started the exhibition admiring the works of Steven L. Anderson. The Energy Strategies are wheel shaped writings of inspirational sayings like “money will come.” I particularly was drawn to these saying not only because I am just as optimistic about my future in the same regard, but also in awe of the punishment style repetitive writing. In grade school as a class if we acted up and created trouble we were assigned to write sayings decided by the teacher hundreds of times over as disciplinary tool. Personally, this process was painstakingly annoying, and agitating knowing the teachers will just throw them away anyway. When seeing the same style in a wheel over and over the appreciation starts to build. You can experience the same agonizing process with the artist when you can see the phrase written clearly and carefully legible and other times with a rushed, tough to read scribbling. You get the feeling the phrase gives off when seeing it over and over, which is even though it’s not here and its tough it will come clear to you at some point, just keep thinking positive repeatedly.  In this same room there is large rug, which I later found out is a prayer rug, and seat cushions around. The artist welcomes you to sit and gather around the rug for a peaceful meditative experience.

As I made my way to the room next door the first thing that came to my eye is a assemblage figure which appears to be a deer figure with high heels. It’s interesting what a couple of tree limbs and a sheet can be crafted into. I would have liked to learn the name of this piece but didn’t see any labels around the project. I moved around the wall to view all the historical photographs taken throughout the history of Atlanta. Atlanta has a rich black history and is showcased in this exhibit. You can find pictures of the young Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, and even Hank Aaron. The background and wall paper for the whole center is the peach tree. Wall to wall you’ll find connecting branches with peaches growing from each limb. I got a chance to view an image that was very startling, the lynching of African Americans.  There were at least two photos of actual men hanging as a crowd of white men watch with blank looks on their face as if they discovered their own creation. I was touched by these photos and humbled by the powerful images. In the same cluster I immediately understood the photographers vision when I saw an old African American gentleman sitting next to a young white child boy. Moving along the wall things get lighter in feeling and important figures like Martin Luther and his wife Coretta are shown walking the streets of the city. A lot of the photos had no label or captions near them which adds to speculation if you knew nothing about history. I would have liked to see captions titling the photo and even names of the people in them. Overall I had an enlightening experience visiting the Atlanta Contemporary Center and would recommend others to attend to reevaluate your vision and outlook in life and reality.